Referee pathways

For referees in New Zealand, there is a clear pathway to help you achieve your goals while contributing to the success and enjoyment of players, coaches and fans along the way.

Each week hundreds of mums, dads and coaches grab a whistle, not because of a long-standing desire to be the best referee in the world, but simply because their kid’s game will be more enjoyable and safer if a few simple rules are followed. 

A Level One Referees Certificate will allow you to officiate youth and local senior football. The Level Two qualification will open the door to top federation and inter-federation leagues, and in some cases, national competitions, like the National Youth League.

The Level 3 Certificate will not only arm you with the skills and knowledge to step up to the New Zealand Football National Leagues but can also unlock a world of international opportunities with exceptional referees who achieve their FIFA badge assigned to international fixtures throughout Oceania.

After that the world awaits, with FIFA tournaments including World Cups and Olympic Games on offer for top officials.

Alongside the referee pathway, a similar road exists for inspectors who can impart their knowledge and experience to those at lower levels, either once they themselves have finished active refereeing or as they progress along the pathway.