Southern Footbal Futsal

Our Five-A-Side Leagues are designed around Futsal, the world’s fastest growing indoor sport and allows you to have fun as a team!

We use a low bounce ball on a basketball sized court without rebound walls or nets, and don't forget its a great way of getting fit!

The game combines fun, creativity, speed, technique, teamwork and quick thinking. Futsal helps you develop your individual ball skills, close control and dribbling, creativity and improvisation, ball possession, one touch passing, accurate shooting, teamwork and off the ball movement. Whether you want to work on your skills, compete in a competitive full court grade or simply have some fun with your mates then our futsal leagues are perfect for you!

We offer a variety of grades from full court competitive leagues, to social adult leagues, down to primary school grade futsal. With over 1200+ teams competing across the federation there is always an opportunity for you to get into Futsal!

To find out more about our futsal leagues and what grade will suit you best please contact Kris Ridley: kris@southernfootball.co.nz


For FIFA's Futsal Laws of the Game, click here.